What makes Paquin's Defog the BEST product available?

It's a long lasting gel. Most other defoggers are applied with a small spray bottle or drops so they have a very short life and must be reapplied constantly. Works great on: Motorcycle face shields, Ski goggles, Scuba masks, Paintball shields, Eye glasses & Protective face shields. It is so powerful, it will even work on your bathroom mirror so it doesn't fog after a shower!

About Us

We are a small start-up company located in Nampa, Idaho.

Paquin's Defog started as a family secret in the 1970s that started in Muskegon, Michigan. An uncle developed the formula and it was sold to fire departments and state fairs. When the uncle retired from this business a nephew started it up again. With the internet age, the general public can now purchase this great product.

During the 1970s we successfully sold our formula to local firemen. We always like to say, if its good enough for firemen, its good enough for us!

We hope Paquin's Defog works as well for you as our past customers.

From our family to you,
Rob Paquin

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