Application Instructions

Make sure the glass or plastic is free from debris or objects that may scratch the lens. The defogger will clean the lens, so you do not have to clean the lens ahead of time. Apply a small amount to the area you wish to protect against moisture build-up. Use a soft cloth to wipe the haze away.

Be careful when applying to a surface that has a anti-glare or polarized coating, as it may smear the coating. Check with your manufacture and always test a small area before applying to entire surface.

Step 1: Remove anything that can scratch the lens.
Make sure there is not sand or any abrasive material on or near the lens. Paquin's Defog will clean the lens, but it will not prevent scratches.

Step 2: Apply the Gel
Use a soft applicator cloth. Rub it in the gel and apply in small circular motions.  

Step 3: Buff the Gel Out
Take a soft, dry piece of cloth and wipe the gel off of the lens.

Step 4: Enjoy Fog-Free Vision!
Now you are free to pursue your active lifestyle without having to worry about fog ruining your day!