Frequently Asked Questions

Paquin's Defor Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat can I apply Paquin's Defog to? What Does it work on? Paquin's Defog can be applied to anything where fog or moisture build-up occurs. It works on all goggles, including: scuba, ski, paintball, security, safety, construction,  and eyeglasses. It also works on small car windows, mirrors, and any other glass surface that may fog. Be careful when applying to a surface that has a anti-glare or polarized coating, as it may smear the coating. Check with your manufacture and always test a small area before applying to entire surface.

How do you ship Paquin's Defog? We use Priority Shipping via the US Postal Service. Delivery times can vary from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your location in the US.  All orders currently ship from Sacramento, California.

How do you apply Paquin's Defog? Make sure the glass or plastic is free from debris or objects that may scratch the lens. The defogger will clean the lens, so you do not have to clean the lens ahead of time. Apply a small amount to the area you wish to protect against moisture build-up.  Use a soft,  cloth to wipe the haze away.

What is your refund policy? We will refund your order if you are not completely satisfied. If you are not satisfied with our product, simply mail it back for a refund. However, we have complete faith that you will be satisfied. If the product is not working to your expectations, please contact us immediately.

Do you offer bulk discounts? Yes. We accept large orders. Please contact us at for a quote. Provide your phone number and business name if you have one. Even "small-bulk" orders (such as ordering for a team or small store are accepted).